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High Tea Menu

  • Assorted finger sandwiches
    • Smoked salmon
    • Cucumber
    • Egg and lettuce
    • Creams cheese
    • Chicken Waldorf
  • Selection of cakes, pastries
  • Freshly bakes scones served with strawberry jam and double cream (Plain and date scones)

Tea Menu

Aussie Green $6.5
Quality organic bancha mixed with pesticide free lemon myrtle creates this wonderful blend of lemony green tea. Aussie Green tea is smooth and is a nice finish to a good meal.

Australian Daintree $4.5
North Queensland's Daintree tea plantation produces a medium strength black tea which is well known in Australia. It contains low levels of caffeine and tannin.

Bancha – Organic $6.5
A Japanese green tea consisting of larger leaves and small twigs. Bancha is often served with a meal in Japan and is widely drunk for the relief of heartburn.

Berry Fairy (Fruit Infusions) $4.50
A special blend for berry lovers! Lots of antioxidant rich elderberries, mixed with blueberry, apple, black currant leaves, strawberry leaves, hibiscus, blue mallow flowers, sweet Chinese apricot kernels and rosehip. Tastes great chilled!

Chai Marsala $4.50
Chai Marsala is an aromatic mix of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, rose petals and black tea. A great alternative to a cup of hot chocolate. Yummy with milk and honey.

Chamomile Delight (Herbal Infusion) $4.50
Great as a before-bed cuppa for adults and children. This relaxing tonic containing apple pieces and German chamomile has a sweet scent that will remind you of an apple orchard.

China Oolong $6.50
A hand made tippy Oolong with an amber liquor and a delicate peachy flavour.

China Rose Petal $6.50
A Congou black leaf tea layered with pink rose petals producing a mellow, sweet tasting tea with a wonderfully perfumed aroma.

China Yunan $6.50
A rare and unusual tea from Yunan featuring a sweet, distinctive taste and aroma with a light, golden liquor.

Cocoa Haven $4.50
Yes this is the chocolate tea you have been waiting for. We have searched high and low and finally found a GOOD chocolate tea. Tastes great with or without milk.

Empress Garden $4.50
With green tea packed with antioxidants, rose buds to tone your skin, osmanthus to soothe your throat and jasmine to relax your body, Empress Garden is perfect for anytime of the day.

Farmhouse Breakfast $4.50
Love a strong cup of tea? Farmhouse Breakfast has a
strong robust taste mixed with roasted barley and a touch of ginger. A good cup to wake up to and great with milk.

Gin Shan Crème - White Dragon (Oolong) $6.50
White Dragon is a very popular beautiful large leaf oolong tea from Taiwan. The light green-golden infusion has a welcoming milky fragrance and its flavoursome aftertaste makes this tea very addictive!

Irish Breakfast $4.50
A full bodied black tea to wake up the senses! Irish breakfast makes a strong infusion – an excellent cuppa if you like milk in your tea.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls (White Tea) $6.50
Enjoy the goodness of white tea from these beautiful hand-rolled Jasmine scented tea beads made from young white tea leaves. Jasmine Dragon Pearls (Downy Pearls /Buddha Tears) makes a light cup with an enchanting fragrance.

Ntingwe Kwazulu $4.50
A premium single estate tea grown in the Kwazulu Natal district of South Africa. This tea is particularly suited to breakfast and morning drinking.

Lapsang Souchong $6.50
A traditional Oolong tea with a unique smoky flavour created by slow drying in baskets over pinewood fires.

Moroccan Mint Green $6.50
A traditional north African blend of green tea and pure, aromatic mint.

Pure Assam $6.50
A single estate Indian tea with a rich aroma and a full bodied, malty taste.

Pure Ceylon $4.50
A fine leaf tea with a golden liquor and a delicate almost citrus character.

Rooibos and Honeybush $4.50
Have you heard of Rooibos (pronounced ‘Roy-bos’)? If you have considered cutting down caffeine and you frequent health food shops, then you might know this tea from South Africa.

Scottish breakfast $4.50
A rich, full bodied blend of Assam teas providing a strong, malty flavour with a thick brightly coloured liquor.

Sencha $6.50
Sencha is the most common Japanese green tea. Due to its popularity, there are many cheaper grades Sencha produced in China however if you are after a good genuine Japanese Sencha for everyday use, this is a good choice.

Vanilla $6.50
A black China tea blended with vanilla pieces, flavouring and sunflower petals producing a distinctive aroma and taste.

Yorkshire Garden $4.50
Ceylon black tea infused with very fragrant rose flavour and a little hint of vanilla, mixed with roses – just like strolling through a rose garden in full bloom! Yorkshire Garden is delightful with a slice for high tea!




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